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We Gist Africa

We accept guest posts however they must pass some criteria, which include:

- Make sure they are very quality articles. This is the most important please. You can see a sample guest post. We know you love quality articles, our readers do too, we do too and Google loves them best.
- Check the articles for grammatical errors first before submission, we receive so many submissions. Please help save our time. You can use a website like Grammar Check For Sentence for that
- You can write on any topic, even if you have not seen it on our blog before. This is a multi-niche blog.
- Avoid posts related to gambling, pornography and hard drugs, we will not publish them.
- All links will be no-follow, if you're not with that, please don't submit.
- Avoid plagiarism, it's not us, it's Google. They hate copied articles. We test all articles before publishing. Test your articles with Small SEO Tools before sending them to us.
- Avoid including affiliate links like Amazon and Konga links in your posts, we will remove them without apologies.
- Make sure they are non-promotional. If you need a sponsored post, then visit our advert page.
- We don't take down posts after publication. This is because they harm our SEO
- We reserve the rights to edit all articles submitted to us, this include the title, body, links and images.
- We publish news, if you need that, please submit them to our site,
- Include maximum 2 links in each 1,000 words.
- Please make sure your posts submitted are up to 1,000 words, this is to ensure maximum quality. 
- You can submitting more than one article at a time. This is to make sure you provide the best.
- While submitting your guest posts to us, don't praise a product or service. Don't include phrases like 'best SEO guide' with your link. It is against Google's policy.
- Please don't forget a brief third person bio, it's necessary but not compulsory. If you skip it, then we will do our best to include one for you.
- To submit your articles, kindly forward them to or use this form and in no time, they would be live here! Please don't send us emails before submitting for inquiries, we accept articles and will keep on accepting.
- You can see more on our submissions policy.
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