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Top 10 Richest Kids in Nigeria 2020 and Their Net Worth

Mustapha Junior – 2020 Net Worth  N500 million naira

Mustapha Junior – Net Worth 2020

Mompha Junior is the child of the very rich person CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change, Muhammed Lawal Mustapha otherwise called Mompha.
Since his dad is a very rich person, this makes Mompha junior the beneficiary obvious to the investments and resources of his dad which includes the Mompha Bureau De Change.
Currently, Mostapha Junior is estimated with a net worth of N500 million Naira.

Amarachi Uyanne – 2020  Net Worth  N30million naira

Amarachi Uyanne Net Worth 2020

The young talent kid was brought into the world on July 17, 2004.
However, she was named the winner of Nigeria’s Got Talent which her a millionaire overnight.
She won a cash prize of N10 million Naira from her dance presentation in that year.
In spite of the fact that she is from Imo State, her upbringing was in Delta State.
Moreover, she started dancing at the young age of 5.
Besides, she was the richest kid in Nigeria before the Mustapha junior dominate her.
She launched her very first single music titled “Amarachi Dance”.
later after that, she decided to include Nigeria’s best Igbo rapper, Phyno in her new music titled “Ova Sabi”.
This brought her notoriety as it got a positive reply from radio broadcasts, music producers and Directors.
Currently, Amarachi has launched her own talent Academy to train young kids and teenagers in developing their talent.
Amarachi net worth is estimated at N30 million.

Emmanuella – 2020 Net Worth N25 million naira

Emmanuella  Net Worth 2020

Emmanuella is a comedienne born on 22nd, July 2010 in Port Harcourt.
She is famous through the comedy video shoot on Youtube with her Nephew “Mark Angel”.
However, she is among a couple of prevalent Nigerian entertainers on YouTube to have around a million supporters and endorsers individually.
Whenever another video on Emmanuella’s satire is discharged, it draws in a ton of viewers around the nation.
Moreover, Mark Angel Comedy was the first youtube channel own by a Nigerian to hit a million subscribers.
Today, their comedy channel have over 6 million subscribers around the world.
Besides, Emmanuella is an indigene of Imo State. Nigeria.
During the interview session, Emmanuelle disclosed that she will be featured in the upcoming Disney movie.
Since the prevalent of her popular comedy video “This Is Not My Real Face Oh”.
Emmanuella becomes a household name in the nation who released a new video every Friday.
Nevertheless, she has pulled in a few endorsement deals shockingly that is generating her ton of million.
However, some of the deals with Emmanuella are with Fresh Yogurt drink, Peak Milk, Nickelodeon advertisement and so forth.
In fact, she has been announced the youngest beneficiary during the Afro-Australian Music and Movie Awards (AAMMA).
In 2016, we can recall that Emmanuella was facilitated by CNN in a syndicated program.
Looking at what she worth, Emmanuella’s net worth is estimated at $70,000 which is approximately N25 million in Naira.

DJ Young Money – 2020 Net Worth N20 million naira

DJ Young Money – Net Worth 2020

Dj Young Money is perhaps the richest kid in Nigeria who took after his dad in the DJ business.

DJ Young money as of now makes much money through various endorsement deals and contracts.
In 2016, he signed a record label deal with K-Nation Entertainment, as the in-house DJ of the Label.
Moreover, this record label deal brought the young kid to become one of the richest kids in Nigeria.
At present, he is under the K-Nation Entertainment and Dj young money net worth is estimated at N20 million Naira.

5. Ozzy Bosco – 2020 Net Worth N20 million naira

Ozzy Bosco – Net Worth 2020

Ozzy Bosco born as Oziomachukwu Mojekwu is just an 11 years kid known his by fans as Ozzybee.
However, he started his music career at a very younger age with the full support of his family especially his mum.
Moreover, her mother has contributed tirelessly toward making sure that Ozzybee gets to know most of the richest Musicians in Nigeria.
This also got to expand his music career by making him famous both in Nigerian and to many international musicians in the world.
Ozzy has included on the international scene in Britain’s Got Talent show.
However, his presentation during the show gains him good position applause from the group of spectators.
He has likewise been invited for an African summit to perceive his compassionate chips away at the worldwide stage.
Not just has Ozzy’s profession as a musician is a triumph.
He has different jobs that he exceeds expectations at.
One thing about Ozzy worth mentioning is that Ozzy Bosco has never received a poor result as far as his evaluations in his school regardless of his bustling with entertainment.

6. Segun Wire – 2020 Net worth N10 million Naira

Segun Wire – Net worth 2020

Segun Wire is 12 years old kid popularly known on social media is an online sensation that claims to have millions of dollars.
However, he got his beams of popularity in the wake of creating a viral video of himself.
In the video, he pronounced the amount he wished to transform into a Yahoo kid one day later on.
He turned into a genuine media sensation and really well known in Nigeria a short time later.
Moreover, Segun Wire net worth is estimated at N10 million naira

7. Egypt Ify Ufele – 2020 Net Worth N10 million Naira

Egypt Ify Ufele –  Net Worth 2020

Ife Ufele is the richest kid in Nigeria who is a fashion designer and the owner of a clothing brand called ChubbiLine.
During an interview with Ify, she disclosed in the interview that she was a casualty of menace because of her rotund size.
This didn’t hinder her from using her ability in carving a name for herself in the public eye.
However, her life story is an inspiring one and would help other people, particularly the youthful ones.
One of the great lessons about her life is to learn not to be irritated by physical weaknesses and the weight of society.
Ify was trained in how to sew from her grandma when she was only 3 years.
At the point when she was five years of age, she definitely realized how to deal with an appropriate sewing machine.
Today, she has become a power to be dealt with in the design industry as her clothing line obliges individuals of every kind imaginable.
The gifted style virtuoso realizes how to control African textures into remote plans normally and can make an artful culmination at whatever point she handles a design venture.
Her ascent to notoriety has seen her element in the New York Fashion Week to uncover and feature her structures.
Moreover, Ify Ufele is one of Nigeria’s most youthful kid big names whose assessed total assets is N10 million.

8. Ahmed Star Boy – Net Worth N10 million Naira

Ahmed is one of only a handful hardly any youthful moguls in the music industry.
At the age of 12, he made an open demonstration of his ability during Wizkid’sConcert show which amazed the crowd.
His rapping abilities intrigued Wizkid, who on his part gave the youthful champ N10 million and furthermore signed him to his record label “Star Boy Entertainment”.
Naturally, the cash giving to Ahmed by Starboy raised him to the tycoon status.

9. Destiny Boy – Net Worth N8 million Naira

His genuine name is Afeez Adesina and he was brought up in Agege.
In an interview, he uncovered that his affection for Fuji music was a result of his condition and upbringing.
However, his ability and creative talent have not gone unseen as he currently goes along

Moreover, Destiny kid’s net worth is estimated to be about $18,000 which is approximately at N8 million Naira.
At simply age 13, Destiny Boy is as of now Nigeria’s most youthful Fuji pop artiste.
In the wake of releasing a front of one of Davido’s hit tunes titled ‘IF’
This became a web sensation and this denoted the beginning of acclaim, riches, and notoriety for the youthful entertainer.

10. MaryLove Edwards – Net Worth N5.4 million Naira

verybody trusts her to be the following tennis star in and outside the nation.
In 2017, she positioned four on the rundown of Nigeria Tennis Federation for females.
In 2018, she won the 2018 CAT/ITF West and Central African Junior Championship qualifiers after defeating Kumba of Mali 6-2, 6-0.

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