Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Simplest Way To Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is a social media were we connect with friends from all over the world. Although Facebook accounts have high security, but it is still subject to hacking.
Facebook accounts are being hacked on a daily basis. But if you are among those whose accounts were hacked, you don't need to worry ''Technological gurus gat your back"Below are the tips to help you recover your hacked Facebook account:

Step to take to recover your hacked Facebook account: 

This tutorial would help you get it back your Facebook account that was hacked by someone if you really want it back.

Step 1:
First go to this link.
Click the button "Your account has been Compromised".
Then type in your email address, Login name , Full Name or your specified Phone No.

Then Facebook would search for matching users. If you still don't see your account, try entering something else other than the one you entered.

( for example if you entered your phone number and it didn't work try entering your email or Login name.) Most of the time using your email would be the wisest choice.)

Step 2:
Well now the kind of difficult part begins. But I don't think it would be for you.

Now for this step you got to enter your account's password. Well if you knew the password you won't be here anyway, cause you don't know your new password the Hacker's changed, enter your old password. The password that you use, to enter into your account before you got HACKED.

Step 3:
Then cause you entered an old actually now wrong password this page will come up.
Well no need to be down yet. Just click the reset my password button.

Step 4:
Your normal email would be changed so well of course you don't want to send your reset your password link to the hacker's account so, Click "no longer have access to these?" link.

Step 5:
you have almost completed the process of getting your account back.
Now write your new email address that you want to send the change password link as well set as your primary email.

Step 6:
Well now, follow the next steps and you would have your account back in 24 hours.

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