Instagram | How To Make Money From Your Instagram Handle

Today, Instagram ranks 7th on the list of the Top 15 most popular social media networking sites with over 100 million unique monthly users and over 300 million active users posting photos and videos everyday. 

If you are interested in monetizing your Instagram account, then in this article i shall be bringing to your knowledge ways of which you can make money from your Instagram account, but don't forget to drop us a comment at the end of this article. Just don't hesitate to turn those pictures into profits.

Instagram found a nice spot in modern society that combined vanity, social networks and a shift toward visual media, then Zuckerberg decided to pay a billion dollars to acquire it. You too can make reasonable cash from this great social media network.
Have you ever thought about the data you consume, and how much you spend on the site daily. For me, each day I spend a reasonable amount of time on Instagram, money that you could have invested elsewhere. So that's enough for an intro. Let's talk about how you can start making money from that your Instagram handle, even without plenty followers.

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How To Make Money From Your Instagram Handle

Building Large Followership

For you to succeed in monetizing any social media it is required that you have a long list of followers  
The more you have, the more you are “seen” and the greater your chances are of turning leads to sales. There are ways for you to grow your Instagram followers, such as liking photos in your niche, socializing and asking people to follow you, and also running context ad lots more.

Selling Your Products

You should know that owning a boutique or even a store, that you will have to pay for the shop from year to year. But with Instagram, there is an opportunity for you sell your products online without having to pay for a store. You can create a business account (store) for free, post your products, and reach a large number of audience that may be interested in buying the product. If you aren't reaching enough people, you can even make use of relevant hashtags and of course, promote your products.

Involve Your Fans

Many fans and followers are willing to endorse your brand only for a little recognition – and of course a post about them on your profile. This is a great way to engage your followers as well as outsource original, quality content. Give your followers a chance to submit their photos with your product, share their “experience” in a video, or anything they like. The best submissions could get discounts on your products, a small reward, or perhaps just a little recognition through your brand name.

Advertising On Your Page

You can get paid to advertise on your own Instagram, especially if you have a good number of engaging followers. The only way to get yourself engaging followers if by doing something relevant, say music, comedy, controversies etc. Sharing special promotions or coupons is another way to get your followers involved in a contest and turn those leads into sales. Ask them to double-tap or tag a friend to get their name in the draw box. One of the best advantages of running contests and campaigns on Instagram is that you can create separate hashtags and keep all contributions in one place.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways t generate your sales from it is the social media, of course the most used is Instagram. You get your referrals  and revenue from your blogs and Instagram account or pages. Like is earlier on you can reach out to people through Instagram groups.

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Get Testimonial From Clients

Make sure to get happy and satisfied clients to upload pictures or videos of themselves using your product. Bet nothing is much more convincing than a handful of images, videos, or testimonials that provide social proof. So, this is an important step to take, if you want to excel in Instagram page monetization. 


One of the many ways to monetize your Instagram page to through dropshipping. You can also make money on Instagram selling other people's products to others. It is very easy! All you need to do is advertise it as yours, when they buy, you buy from the seller and then deliver to them. All you need to do is to work hand in hand with the producers of the product you sell on your page.

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