How To Start A Profitable Coconut Oil Business In Nigeria

Coconut oil is gotten from coconut. Coconut oil is one of the main commercial products in the world particularly in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
It is extracted from the coconut fruit, its is said to be more better than groundnut oil to the health. By extracting oil from the coconut fruit, you can start up a very lucrative business. This is because it requires less capital to start. Here in Nigeria some people look down on coconut as some others are knowledgible of the great importance. 

In this article we shall be showing you the benefits of coconut oil, its uses and how you can make money from this gift of nature. But before we continue don’t forget to drop a comment and then share to friends at the end of this article. 

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Benefits Of Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is an oil extracted from the kernel of the mature coconut. It is of high demand in Africa and the world as a whole, due to it nutritional and health benefits. It contains unique combination of natural fats, which makes it useful in treating the skin. The fatty acids contained by linoleic acid, which is for a skin prone to acne. Coconut oil also contains up to percent lauric acids, which fights against microbes and also hydrating.
However, coconut oil may improve skin barrier function and repair anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. One great feature and benefit of coconut oil is that, it moisturizes and fight aging skin.
How To Extract Coconut Oil
First of all, the process of extracting coconut oil from coconut fruit starts with selection of matured coconuts. You can do this either in small scale or in commercial quantity. The more coconuts you get, the more the oil, it depends on the amount of coconut oil you want to extract. Secondly, break the coconut and bring out the kernel that is the white part, then chop into smaller pieces and grind using the blender or the grinding mill. 
Thirdly, blend the nuts as it turns into a white creamy water, the sieve and separate the fiber from the water. Then pour the milk to a container. Preferably one that has a big mouth so that you can scoop out the oil easily afterwards. Next, cover the container with a piece of tissue or cloth and tie a rubber band around it. Let it have a one night sleep.
The next day you will see that the water has separated from the milk. The water up and the milk down. Transfer the milk into a pot and cook with normal heat not too hot, stir to ensure it doesn’t get burnt. The oil will come out after some time, then separate the oil from the chaff. Your coconut oil is ready, note that it can also be used for cooking ( coconut rice etc) as it is a very delicious and nutritious as well.
How To Package And Brand Your Coconut Oil
Make sure to note that how determinant of whether you will sell or not is based on how you package your product. There are many brands of coconut oil in the market here in Nigeria. You just to brand yours in a unique way so that when customers see it, they will love to buy at first site. This is a very important step to take in the running of coconut oil production business. However remember (if you’re a company) to include your company’s logo, company name and contact on each pack. This will enable anybody who wishes to order for a larger quantity to know how to contact your company.

How To Go About Marketing Your Coconut Oil

In order to  encourage customers including retailers and wholesalers to patronize your coconut oil over other brands, you must have a good marketing strategy in place. You can adopt strategies like “buy two get, one promo” Nigerians are fund of free things and cheap one as well.
Also, you can create an online Blog where you post articles on coconut oil and its health benefits with an e-commerce store where visitors can place their orders.You can create some short videos on the health benefits of the oil and post them on YouTube with a link to your e-commerce site.
Trust me, Coconut oil business is quite simple and highly profitable. With the enormous health benefits of this product, the business is trending in many Nigeria, countries across Africa and beyond.

After reading along, you can agree that coconut oil beneficial and business in coconut oil is profitable. If this article has helped you, do well to leave a comment and then share to friends, someone may be in need of it.

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