Friday, August 16, 2019

How To Recover Your Gmail Account With Ease

If you have lost access and have been having problems with recovering your gmail account, then this simple steps included in this article is sole for you.
All you need to do is just follow this this steps and you will have access to your gmail account account once more. 

In this article we will be showing you, easy steps you can take to recover your gmail account, Before we continue don't forget to drop a comment and the share to friends at the end of this article.

How to recover your gmail account 

First, on your computer, sign in to gmail if you already have one, at the top right corner, click on the settings icon, then click account, click change account settings.
Click the "Change password recovery options"
Type in your password as required 
Click add a recovery email address
Click add to recovery email address/ a mobile phone number.

Using Account Recovery Options

Visit the account recovery page; input username  ; and click ' continue '
prove you are human by entering the request puzzle 
Click ' Submit'

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Recovery Your Account By Email 

 Choose the bottom that says ' Email to ...' and contains the address you'd like to use to receive your recovery mail. Make sure you always have access to the account. ( Recommended not to use temporary email eg institution or official emails ).

An email will be instantly sent to the address.
logon to the account and follow the simple instructions.

If you don't get the email in your inbox,  check spam or bulk mail for message from account-recovery-noreply from google website

Recover Gmail With Mobile Phone Number

Choose  the buttons 'text Message to *** xxx"
A text message will automatically be sent to your 'mobile number 'with a code.
input the code where requested.

If you still have issues using existing account recovery option.

Click password assistance page, click """I no longer 'have access 'to these' , ' You will be prompted to answer some question. And google will assist in your email recovery.

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