Wednesday, August 7, 2019

How To Make Money From Palm Fruits & Palm Tree as a Whole

Palm fruits are gotten from the palm tree, which is a very important tree found in Africa and many other parts of the world.
The palm tree as a whole has lots of importance as no part is more useful than the other, the palm tree is more important to countries all over the worlds especially in Africa. 

In this article i shall showing you the importance of the palm fruit/tree, and hoe you can make lots of money from it, but before we continue don't forget to drop us a comment and the snare to friends at the end of this article.

The large benefits of the palm tree to the world particularly African can't be under emphasized. Every thing concerning the palm tree, right from the stem, the leaves and to the seeds, even from the chaff been gotten after processing of the fruit into oil, serves as a source of income to farmers and exporters.

I will first of all show you how palm oil can be of huge benefit to you and the economy, and also the palm oil balance in Africa. However, lets look at the benefits of palm oil.

Benefits Of Palm Oil

Palm oil is extracted fro the palm fruit, it has discovered that palm oil does not contain Trifluoroacetic acid and cholesterol. And also it is very rich in pro Vitamin A and Vitamin E and also contains no trans fat.

One of the most important aspect of the numerous benefits of the palm oil is that it is digested easily and can also be a source of energy to the body. It is also a rich source of neutral effect on the body Cholesterol. 

Palm oil and its use has been proven to be a means to fight and treat vitamin A deficiency in children in developing countries.

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Ways To Make Money From Palm Tree

There are so many ways to make money from palm tree which are listed below:
  • Planting of Palm Tree in large/small scale.
  • Extraction and selling of Palm oil, Kernel Oil, from the palm fruit.
  • Selling of the Oil, Kernel shell and chaff as they are greatly needed by foot mat and Road construction companies. 
  • Selling of Palm fronds to local livestock farmer as it is used to feed ruminants, also mat and roof makers.
  • Falling down the Palm Trees, sawing it and selling as wood in large quantity, as it is used for strong roofing and lasts longer than many other woods.

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Benefit of Palm Tree Stems

The palm tree stem, when felled down can serve as source of wood. This type of wood is been used as roofing material in local communities, trust me the palm wood is very strong.

The stems of the palm trees can be used as a source of fuel. It can also be used to grow mushrooms. When the tree is felled and left on the ground for some days, mushrooms will automatically start growing on it and mushrooms are of high nutritional value.

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Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

The palm kernel oil is gotten from the seeds of oil palm. It is very unique as it it gotten by smashing and squeezing out oil from the palm kernel.
 It is an important ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetics/personal care products like soaps and washing powders. According to Wikipedia, a good soap must have at least 15 per cent Laurate for quick foaming while washing. It can also be used to cook food or rubbed directly on the body as it is believe to help smoothing the skin.

Palm fronds can be used as a long kind of broom that was gotten from palm trees, and used to sweep compound house in local communities. The palm leaf material can also be used to make hats and other handicrafts. No doubt palm fronds are of numerous and mouth opening benefits.

After reading this article you can agree that the palm tree has numerous benefits, so don't hesitate to utilize it instead of looking down on this awesome natural gift from God. If this article has helped you, do well to drop a comment and we will really appreciate if you share to friends as well, thanks.


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