Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why It Is Unhealthy To Eat Noodles Frequently + Side Effects

Noodles are fast food and fast to prepare. It is generally accepted and eaten by millions of people all over the world.

Instant noodles originated from Japan is a kind of simple type fast food as well as are made from adding some edible oil to hand-pulled noodles and going through dehydration and so on treatments. Besides, instant noodles do not have any nutritive value and frequently eating instant noodles will be very bad for the health of people. Next let me inform you of the disadvantages of eating instant noodles as much as i can.

First of all, easily have colon cancer. Frequently eating instant noodles will make people short of cellulose and calcium element and make intestinal tracts dystrophy as well as cause the accumulation of waste. After a long time, the rate of having colon cancer will be increased a lot.

Secondly, damage brain. We absorb various kinds of proteins, vitamins and trace elements through foods and vegetables in daily life to supplement the needs of our brain. However, instant noodles are short of nutrition and almost do not contain nutritive elements, so frequently eating instant noodles will make brain short of nutrition and damage brain health.

Thirdly, easily get adiposity. Instant noodles contain a lot of fat through oil frying and frequently eating instant noodles will make the rate of getting adiposity increased as well as will cause various kinds of diseases.

In addition to the all above points, there are also other disadvantages of eating instant noodles worthy of attention, such as containing additional agent, drums of instant noodles will be very harmful, so all of you should control the amount of eating instant noodles.
 Selecting the best noodles for consumption

Pick instant noodles made from whole grains because it can increase fiber content and boost feelings of fullness.Lower-sodium instant noodles are also available, and they can help bringing down your sodium intake for the day.

  •  You can also use your instant noodles as a base and top them with some healthy ingredients to boost the nutrients.

  •  Don’t forget to throw in some vegetables that are high protein enhance the nutrition profile of your instant noodles.

Have it in mind that consuming instant noodles too often is not a healthy habit to repeat every day. Frequent consumption leads to poor diet quality and risk of metabolic syndrome which is absolutely bad for your health. Also, no matter how hungry you are, never consume noodles at night right a few hours before you sleep. Never consume more than two packages of instant noodles a day, and don’t forget to eat some fruits and do exercise. That way, you will be able to still enjoy your favorite instant noodles while having less risks of your health.

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