Sunday, July 14, 2019

Israel As A Country, Facts, Government, Geography and Religion And All You Need To Know

Israel is a country in the Western part of Asia, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the
northern shore of the Red Sea part of the Asian continent. Israel also known as the State of Israelhas a small territory in terms of geography covering about 20770 km2 in area and has the area rank of 153.

The small size of Israel has kept them going in protecting their territorial integrity.

Fast facts

Capital: Jerusalem

Area: 20770km2 (Area rank: 153)

Languages: Hebrew (official), Arabic used official for 
Arab minority, English the most foreign language

Population: 7,765,700


Country code: I L

Currency: Shekel

Military Expenditure fraction: 7.30%

Military Expenditure rank: 6

Native name: Yisra’el

Suffrage type: 18 years of age; universal


Continent: Asia

Highest point: Har Meron (1208m)


Life expectation: 80.61

Literacy fraction: 95%

Population rank: 96

Population growth: 1.88%

Religion: Jewish 76.4%, Muslim 16%, Arab Christians 1.7%, Druze 1.6%

Note: Although Israel is dominated by Jews, but there is a little proportion of  Druze, Muslims and Arab some of which are Christians.

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