Monday, July 22, 2019

How To Starting Up A Profitable Popcorn Production Business In Nigeria

Pop Corn production is one of the first business to consider when looking for a small scale business that will generate good profit in Nigeria. Producing and selling Pop Corn will fetch you high turn up if it is well produced.
In this article we shall be teaching you how to produce and sell Pop Corn in Nigeria and make good profit from it. but before we continue don't forget to drop a comment and then share to friends at the end of this article.

Popcorn is eaten by different ages and classes of people, depending on the location a cup of popcorn goes for N50 – N100. In locations like cinemas or hotels it can go as high as N500 – N700 each although in this case the cup size is bigger and fancier. “Price Differentiation”. It can be very lucrative if much concentration and seriousness is involved in the side of the producer. 

Why is Popcorn production business lucrative
  • It does not involve much capital to start
  • It has an already existing market
  • It is eaten by all age groups
  • It can be started in small scale and large scale
Items needed for Popcorn production
The interesting thing about this business is that you can go for equipment for either large scale or small scale production. The machine used by reputable eateries around the country for the production of popcorn is either ET-POP6A-D or FUNPOP 8o2, the price range is about ₦65,000₦85,000.
For small scale production buy a machine that uses both electricity and gas, the machine cost from ₦20,000₦25,000
Ingredients needed for Popcorn production
Yellow corn: The corn that should be used for this production should be moist. In other to make the corn pop.
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable oil
  • Milk (optional)

Steps for Popcorn production
  • Pour the corn into a pot
  • Add some oil and sugar to taste
  • Add salt and then cover the pot
  • Remove and thoroughly mix once it starts popping

Factor to consider before going into Popcorn production business

Location: Location should be the first and most paramount thing you should consider before starting any business. A location could be any place where which you sell your products or your physical presence where potential customers can find you. A good way to start is look for a way to supply to fast food eateries. There your products will easily generate high turn up.
Packaging: Second is packaging, If you want to go from just being a road side business to become a major player, then packaging is key. Packaging raises value or your product in the market and people will see you serious.
Branding: Then branding is very important ,If you want a particular name for your product, then you really need to put branding and advertising into consideration. Once you become known in the market you gain good market share, and you business will start to flourish.
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