Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How To Start Up Liquid Soap Production In Nigeria

Liquid soap is a product that sells fast in the Nigerian market system. Liquid soaps can be used foe either laundry or bathing depending on the brand.
The question has been:

"How do i go about producing Liquids Soap?"
"Isn't the production process stressful?" 

You don't need to continue asking this questions, just get down to business and see the large bucks you will be earning from producing liquid soap in Nigeria. 

In this article, we shall be seeing the procedures for liquid soap making process, but before we continue don't forget to drop us a comment and then share with friends because this will be of great impact. 

You can start this business up in a small scale and still be earning reasonable bucks daily from it, trust me this business is lucrative and i don't think it is that stressful, so try it out and be glad you did.


1Water9 liters
2Natrosol1/9 kgThickener
3Soda ash1/18 kgCleansing agent
4TexaponAs desiredFoaming agent
5Sodium laurate sulfate (S.L.S)1- 3 tbs
6Propylene glycolA bottle top cover
7Vitamin E (Liquid)A bottle top cover
8Coco amineA bottle top cover
9PerfumeA Little
10Colour (yellow)A Little
11Foam BoosterAs desiredIt increases the foam
12FormalinA littleFor preservation
Procedures for  making /producing liquid soap for bathing in Nigeria
  1. Have your 8 liters of water
  2. Add Natrosol into the 8 liters of water and then stir properly
  3. Pour the soda ash into a separate container with 1 liter of water and stir
  4. Pour a portion into the 8 liters of water containing Natrosol and keep stirring
  5. Pour The Texapon into a separate container with little water and stir
  6. Pour the SLS in a separate container, add and then blend
  7. Pour the leftover portion of dissolved soda ash into the container containing Texapon. Allow for 5 to 10 minutes
  8. Pour the solution into the 8 liters of water containing Natrosol, soda ash and then blend
  9. Add foam booster (Not really necessary)
  10. Add propylene glycol and stir
  11. Put Vitamin E (Liquid) and stir
  12. Add Coco amine and stir
  13. Package for personal use or for sale.

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