Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How To Start Up Bleach Production Business In Nigeria

Bleach is considered to be a very essential product in terms of laundry purposes, Cleaning hard surfaces, it is used in doing our laundries, cleanings homes, especially the toilets and and bathroom etc. it can also be used as deodorants.

Bleach, also known as sodium perborate, is a chemical formula used to remove stains from clothes without damaging colorfast dyes. Sodium perborate breaks down at a light temperature to release H₂O₂ which functions this way.

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Jik had the supreme market monopoly before the great hypo came in,  trust me,you too can also make a huge fortune from producing this product, if you start production in a small or large scale and market your product very well. In fact, I will say arguably that hypo forced jik out of the Nigerian market. This is how they did it; “They came up with good marketing strategies that have made their products well accepted in the Nigerian market”. Who had ever thought that bleach could be in a sachet and be sold for as low as N30 an amount which almost everyone can afford? you too can start it up and adopt a better market strategy.

Marketing strategy is a very pertinent aspect if you want to go into full-time production and make a huge amount of turn up from this venture.


1Chlorine½ kgActive ingredient
2Alum½ kgCleansing, purification
3Caustic soda½ kgNeutralizes Acidic Materials
4Soda Ash½ kgPrevents bonding of water and hard Cleaning agent
5Water15 litersSolvent/base/carrier
The above illustration was for the production of fifteen litres of bleach, here comes the steps to take to produce bleach

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  • Mix the first four (4) chemicals together and pour into a 20-liter bucket with cover
  • Pour 15-17 liters of water into the bucket containing the mixed chemicals
  • Stir with a stick or turner for 1 or 2 minutes and then cover
  • Stir every morning for three days consecutively
  • At the third day, leave to settle after the morning stir and then sieve. The sieved solution is the bleach, the leftover in the bucket can be thrown away or mix with water to get more bleach
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