Sunday, July 14, 2019

Easiest Step To Get Your Adsense Account Approved By Google

Blogging is fun, and new bloggers have been faced with the 
problem of getting their adsense account approved by Google.

There is a simple trick you can use to get your adsense account approved for your BlogSpot domain quickly. There is an easy way to get your adsense account approved if your BlogSpot account has a sufficient number of posts up to 20+ and above.
The question by most bloggers has been “How do I go about this adsense”.

What is Adsense: Adsense is an advertisement platform on 
the pages of the website or BlogSpot. This adsense is powered by Google to give your audience more info adventure on your site and to increase your traffic, this is awesome right? As it will help in boosting the number of visits on your blog.

The ad sense will not be approved if your site is of a very low 
standard, you have to make sure your blog is neat and of good standard.

10 simple steps to apply for approval of your adsense account
    1.The first, buy a custom domain name which carries .com,, .net, .online, and register the domain on a web hosting site like, Blue host, True host, Whogohost, Mocha host and Godaddy.

2.Use Google apps to create specific domain email address like,

3. Add pages like About us, Contact, Advertise

4. Use a clean BlogSpot design, which may be downloaded. 
Get templates from Sora templates, Xmag, Minibox or Gooyabi templates.

5.     Post at least 20 and above well written blog posts.

6.     Ensure you don’t use copyright images. Download and post images on your blog.

7.     Ensure your sidebar looks clean and professional

8.     Apply for Adsense and enjoy

9.     Keep to the Adsense rules and regulations

10.  Thank me later…Hahaha.

Note: The Adsense account includes earnings for you 
the blogger and is subject to ban on violation of rules and regulations. This steps may be applied to Wordpress and Joomta.

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